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Smartphone photography

How photos and videos are taken today – easy with the smartphone!

How to take perfect pictures with a smartphone

1. Multi-functional tripod

Every photographer appreciates the virtues of a tripod. It allows you to take shots from all kinds of perspectives, without blur from camera shake.

2. Clean camera lens

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the smartphone camera lens is dusty and has fingerprint marks. A microfibre cloth allows quick and easy cleaning.

3. Holders

Whether it’s a ‘look behind the scenes’ or perfect video recordings, with our holders for smartphones and tablets it’s all very easy.

4. Lens attachments

You cannot change the lens on the smartphone camera, but you can attach a lens. The are a playful addition to every good smartphone camera.

5. No empty smartphone’s battery

Without a full battery, there are regrettably no beautiful photos. With a power pack at your side, you clearly have an advantage.