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Feel healthy and live a healthier life

Digital Detox, optimal room temperature, etc.

It’s a familiar problem. At bedtime you take your smartphone into your bedroom with you because you use it as an alarm clock. You then log into Instagram or another social networking site, and all of a sudden you are left with only six hours of sleep, instead of seven.

If you don’t get enough sleep, or you get poor sleep, you feel tired and groggy in the morning. A poor room climate, sleep deprivation, and too many electromagnetic waves are not beneficial to your health. We have put together some tips on how to start your day fit and healthy at home. With our little aids and some more mindfulness in your everyday life, you can feel better and live healthier at home!

Digital Detox

For a relaxed start to the day

Your phone alarm rings every morning at 6 am. Before you’ve had the chance to wake up properly, you already have your smartphone in your hand and are living your digital life. Stress and headaches are inevitable. But even before bed, you should banish your phone from your bedroom: The high amount of blue light emitted from the screen can impair our sleep. Before you go to bed, put your phone somewhere far away from you, to avoid temptation in the first place, and trust in one of our classical alarm clocks: Harmful rays are reduced and you can start your morning stress-free.

Digital radio-controlled alarm clock with thermometer and hygrometer

Is your idea of a classical alarm clock a round retro alarm clock with a shrill ringtone? Not our ‘Black Line’ digital alarm clock. It is just as easy to use, but compared with a classical alarm clock, it has many useful and practical functions. And the best thing is: Your smartphone is no longer needed in the bedroom!

To the product

Health tip from Hama

Try doing a short morning yoga session for relaxation: Sit in a relaxed cross-legged position. Then place your left hand loosely on the floor. Extend your right arm over your flank to the left. Turn your head slightly to the side. Stretch your right side for about 15 seconds. Then repeat on the other side.

Stretching in the morning will help you to feel relaxed.

More well-being within your own four walls

Create a healthy home environment. For a pleasant room atmosphere, make sure that temperature and humidity are firmly under control!

Restfull sleep

Healthy, restful sleep is very important for health and well-being. If you sleep poorly, you may suffer from headaches, concentration problems, or a poor immune system. An important factor for good sleep is the right temperature in the bedroom.

The optimal room temperature for sleeping is between 16°C and 18°C. But how do you know how warm, or cold, it is in your room? With our clever alarm clocks and weather stations, the indoor temperature is always in view! Before going to sleep, you can ventilate your bedroom again for a boost of freshness, or heat it to the right temperature.

Wecker mit Thermometer Weather Stations

A healthy room climate

A second important factor that can influence your health is the humidity in your home. If the air is too dry, our mucous membranes can dry out and we become more vulnerable to coughs and colds. Too much moisture in the air can cause mould, which is very bad for our airways and immune system.

The optimal humidity level in your home is between 60% and 80%. With these alarm clocks and weather stations, the humidity level is always perfectly in view, so you can react appropriately. Your airways will thank you.

Alarm Clocks and Weather Stations with Hygrometers

Prevent colds

Every morning you ask yourself the same question: What do I wear today? To prevent catching colds all the time and to dress appropriately for the weather, an accurate weather forecast is essential! The integrated barometer in our weather station is used to measure atmospheric pressure. These measured values enable you to predict the weather conditions over the news few days. A slow but steady rise in air pressure suggests a fundamental, continual improvement in the weather. A slow decrease in air pressure normally indicates the end of a fair weather period. With the weather station, you always know precisely how the weather will develop and what you should wear for your Sunday walk to avoid catching a cold!

Weather Stations with Barometers


Want to boost your health through more mindfulness in your everyday life? Our ‘Black Line Plus’ weather station can help – this all-in-one contains a thermometer, hygrometer and barometer! No more restless sleep because of a poor room climate.

"Black Line Plus" Weather Station, black