Hama Monitor Holder, Height-adjustable with Gas Spring, Swivel/Tilt, 13" - 35"

The right chair and desk provide the conditions for a more ergonomic working environment. Not to forget a monitor arm that allows you to have your computer at the right height. It promotes back-friendly working and an ergonomic posture. Improve your user potential with Hama's monitor arm.

  • For an ergonomic workstation: This monitor holder adapts to your personal requirements and posture. Whether you need stepless height adjustability, swivel and tilt functions or portrait or landscape formats, this is how ergonomics works in the office and home office
  • Height adjustment with just one action: the high-performance gas spring allow the height of any monitor, including heavy ones, to be adjusted with ease - perfect for desk sharing
  • Suitable for monitor powerhouses and lightweights, ideal for ergonomic office equipment: the monitor arm can be used for all screen sizes with a diagonal of 33 - 89 cm (13 - 35") and up to a weight of 15 kg
  • For tidy workstations: Cable management guides the monitor cable tidily behind the screen, avoiding cable spaghetti and saving space. The cable guide also protects the cable against breakage thanks to strain relief
  • Fast and straightforward desktop installation: The monitor holder is attached to the desk in an instant with the clamping screw. VESA makes installing the screen easier - first put the VESA plate on the monitor, then hook it in the screen holder, and you're done
  • Make a safe choice with our tested safety and 5-year warranty: exacting stress, stability and functional tests guarantee high quality standards


109.00 EUR

Item No.: 00118497
GTIN: 4047443469120

Monitor mounts:

The easy way to a more ergonomic workstation

A tense neck, back twinges, tight shoulders and, to cap it all, a terrible headache – if you experience these symptoms during and after office work, then it’s time to think about ergonomic workstation design. Ergonomics in the office begins with sitting ergonomically at your desk and on your office chair, and ends with positioning your equipment, such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse. The workstation must adapt to you, not the other way round – for example, with our full-motion monitor mount. A monitor mount allows you to place your screen in the exact position that is comfortable for you and that is neck- and back-friendly. Quite simply, an ergonomic retrofit!

You determine the position:

Full-motion monitor arm

Overstretched neck or turtle neck – the effect of sitting at a screen that is not set correctly. Only when it’s set at the ergonomically correct height is your neck relaxed at the workstation. This is very easy to set with the gas spring: Our monitor holder is continuously height adjustable up to 58.5 cm, ensuring a relaxed neck for all body heights. Your neck is relaxed if you are sitting upright and your glance falls slightly towards the horizon: The cervical spine is then straight; looking downwards is also more comfortable for the eyes. If you work with several screens, for example, with an additional laptop, you often sit diagonally to the desk. It is therefore important that you are able to swivel the monitor up to 180 degrees – you then have the best viewing angle from any position. The swivel arm also helps if you would like to show something to your colleague at the next desk. If you share your desk with several colleagues, adjusting the monitor height is much easier with the gas spring, as the monitor stand can be adjusted with a single action.

In addition, you can tilt the screen by +/-45 degrees: When tilted backwards, the monitor is parallel to your downward glance – that’s precisely how the screen tilt should be set. If you work with special programs or graphics, you can use the vertical or horizontal format of the monitor arm. With this body posture, you will not only be more comfortable when working, but will also be more motivated.

No drilling or screws:

Straightforward desk mounting

Adding ergonomics to your desk couldn’t be simpler than with this screen mount. The monitor stand is suitable for all desktops up to 8.5 cm thick. Secure the clamp mount to the desk, then attach the VESA plate to the monitor and hang both in the mount. Thanks to the VESA adapter plate, you don’t have to hold and mount the screen at the same time.

A tidy workstation arrangement

A positive side effect of the monitor mount is that you create space and order on your desk. The monitor no longer stands on your desk and you can use the space beneath the screen – for example, for pens and a note pad, which you then have ready to hand without them getting in the way. The integrated cable manager also helps give a tidy appearance: The monitor cable is routed tidily behind the monitor. This kind of cable guide also provides strain relief: It protects against cable breakage and spares you the cost of replacement cables.

Ergonomic office equipment for power packages and lightweights

All screens with a screen diagonal of 33–89 cm (13–35 inches) and a VESA standard of 75x75 and 100x100 can be attached to the monitor stand – it holds a maximum load of 15 kilogrammes.

Ergonomics and safety: five-year guarantee

You benefit from high product quality, as we test our monitor mounts in comprehensive load, stability and function tests. With your newly acquired healthy posture, you can therefore feel completely safe at the workstation – this is assured with our five-year guarantee.